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What more do you need - Chutney & sauces gift box - the perfect combination. Have fun selecting by choosing your favourite sauces and chutneys from the options below. Here are just a few of our family favourites.

Lemon & Dill, perfect side compliment for that beautiful fresh grilled, fried or battered fish meal.

Cherry Chutney, a must for any platter. Perfect compliment with cheese and crackers.

Angry Red Sauce, be ready for a rich tomato flavour with a kick! This beautiful blend of tomato, fresh Italian style herbs, garlic and scorpion chilli spices, is a sure fire winner.

A wonderful artisan gift box - choose your favourites from the list below:

+ chutney / Tomato Relish, roasted pear, raspberry, Ploughmans Blueberry, Pickle,Onion Jam, Capsicum Relish, Tamarillo, Lemon and Dill,Cherry

+ sauces / Plum, Angry Red Chilli, Worcestershire, Raspberry, Passionfruit, Mint, Char Grill Capsicum, Brown Onion, Berry Cherry


Sauce + toppings


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Click on the product name below to learn more about each product (and the nutritional information - where applicable). Our giftboxes use a quality kraft box, lined with tissue and shredded paper for extra protection. Please note - if a product included in a giftbox becomes unavailable, we will make a suitable replacement with another item which matches the style of the giftbox you are purchasing


Sauce + toppings